Ghost Hunts


Seen it on TV and want to try a Paranormal Investigation for real? Or are you just someone with a keen interest who wants an opportunity to explore the unexplained? Well join us for an Adventure!

Held at some of the Country’s most haunted locations and led by our passionate and experienced team, our ghost hunts are perfect for budding ghost hunters and long time investigators alike.

How the nights work

Whilst itineraries for locations do differ you will usually arrive at the location to be signed in and ushered into a ‘hub’ room. There, you will be welcomed to the location and given an explanation of some of the methods and equipment you will be using before being split into teams with which you will conduct various vigils and experiments throughout the night to capture and evaluate evidence of the paranormal. At the end of the investigation you will then all be called back to the hub where you will share and compare your findings to see if your results match with any of the stories from the location’s paranormal past.

Whilst obviously the non-controlled nature of the environments stop these investigations being scientifically controlled, we still attempt to use our experience and a range of approaches, based on a variety of scientific and spiritualist theories and methodologies, to give you the best chance of encouraging and capturing phenomena on your very own paranormal adventure!

There are no tricks, no gimmicks, just a friendly and enthusiastic team to guide and help you as you explore the unexplained.

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Private Events

Here at Paranormal Adventures we enjoy great relationships with a number of the locations at which we hold events. We are therefore able to offer these out for private events. From hen dos to birthdays, corporate outings to charity investigations, Paranormal Adventures has the resources and expertise to produce and run a great range of bespoke events to suit all your needs. Get in touch for more information.

Similarly if you are a small paranormal group looking for access to a location that you are otherwise unable to investigate, please get in touch. We may be able to link you up with other groups and use our relationship with the locations to get you all a good deal that may give you the opportunity to get in and investigate. Email:- for more information.

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Evidence Reviews

Evidence reviews are free events which have a primary focus on the study of photos, and audio/video collected on previously held events. The evidence will then be handed over to the members in attendance for study. At the end, the results of the review will be announced to the group and any unusual findings will be shown and discussed. These events are a fantastic way to meet the team and other people of like-minded interest.

If you are interested in attending one of these evenings all you need do is become a member. The easiest way to do that is to attend one of our investigations – all customers are given a membership number and instantly become part of the community!

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