Do ghosts exist?

The million-pound question and one to which there is no simple answer! Opinions are divided and even on our team we have a wide spread of perspectives right across the whole spectrum of belief. If you take ‘Ghost’ simply to mean an event believed by the witness to be seemingly unexplainable by modern science (and therefore ‘paranormal) then undoubtedly so – centuries of history and even our own investigations bear that out. These ‘paranormal’ events DO happen, or at least people BELIEVE they do.

The contentious question we should actually be asking therefore is ‘What exactly is a ghost?’ Again opinions vary – to some they are the spirit of the departed communicating with the living from some ethereal plane, to others they are anomalies in physics or even replays of recordings of historic events somehow ‘activated’ by ones presence in the environment in which they originally occurred, and to others they are merely the creation of an easily ‘tricked’ human mind desperately willing for proof of an afterlife.

We won’t and can’t give you a definitive answer one way or the other, all we try to do is give you the opportunity to visit these supposedly haunted places, test a variety of the theories surrounding the paranormal and hopefully capture and evaluate ‘evidence’ that will allow you to decide for yourself.

Why do your website location pages have limited historical information?

Whilst we maintain information on all our event venues and often share what we have in our event de-briefs at the end of the night, we encourage event participants NOT to read it beforehand to remove the influence of suggestion, and to add to the credibility of any seemingly psychically-derived information that may arise on the night.

Can I be on the team?

We are always looking for passionate and friendly people to join our team. For more information or to see specific openings, visit the ‘Join Our Team’ page.

How do I book an event?

Booking an event is easy and most simply done through this website. Just click on ‘Events,’ find the type of event you want, and click on the link for more information and upcoming events, or from the home page just use the links on the right hand side for any events that interest you. If you have any problems at all, please get in touch via our contact form.

What are the rules for events?

The rules for all Paranormal Adventures events are laid out in our Terms and Conditions to which you must agree in order to make a booking.