About Paranormal Adventures


About Us

Paranormal Adventures is not just a ghost tour group. We offer a genuine community providing a wide range of paranormal themed events designed to give anyone the opportunity to explore the unexplained with a team of friendly and enthusiastic professionals. All of our ghost hunting events are kept at as low a price as possible! So, with decades of experience and an approach that relies on passion rather than trickery or gimmicks, the Paranormal Adventures community is the perfect way to turn yourself from an interested ‘armchair’ ghost hunter to the real thing.

Paranormal Adventures was created in 2009. It was established with the aim of focusing the expertise, knowledge and passion of our investigators into a new kind of investigative group – a genuine community that gives anyone an opportunity to investigate the paranormal.

Paranormal Adventures is a Trading Name of Anything Enterprise Limited and holds public liability insurance up to the value of £5M for its events.